Last updated Thursday April 11, 2024


Pray for the safety of the unborn - babies are precious gifts from God

Donate blood to a local blood bank

Donate food to a local food bank

Pray the Rosary every day

Pray for the preservation and growth of Latin Mass


This website is NOT a store. Nothing is sold here.
Originally created in 1994 for my wife's children's book business
it went offline in 1996 and sat dormant until 2021.

For 25 years I have retained this URL but did not know what
its purpose was for. But I knew inside it would be useful someday

In 2019 I began to discover my faith and in 2021 the lightbulb
finally lit brightly. I realized the most useful and beneficial
application for - Marty H.

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This website is in honor of my recently passed father, Charles,
who found the love and mercy of Jesus Christ
later in his life, and to my late mother, Dorothy,
who would volunteer her weekends to prepare homemade meals to
young children in a homeless shelter.
Thank you for being my parents.
I love and miss you both